denovo-db (current release v.1.6.1) is a collection of germline de novo variants identified in the human genome. de novo variants are those present in children but not their parents (see figure to right).

With the advancements in whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing we are now able to assess 1000s of these variants. To provide a landing place for de novo variation we created denovo-db, which has been assembled using the published literature.

Many large exome and genome studies have focused on neurodevelopmental disorders and while we are very interested in these disorders we have not limited our database to only these phenotypes.

The information types present in denovo-db have been refined to include what we think is highly relevant for genetic studies (for example basic functional annotation, CADD scores, and validation status).

Our goal is to provide a compendium of all de novo variants to benefit the larger researcher community and to allow researchers to ask various scientific questions such as:

We hope you enjoy this database as much as we do and please feel free to email us at denovo-db@uw.edu with any updates or questions.

Please note that as of denovo-db v.1.6 the database now includes variants from the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC) with usage restrictions. For details please see the Usage page.

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